11 Jun 2016

PM Hottie: The Perfect Lingerie Model, Elisandra Tomacheski

Real sexiness is never defined by what type of underwear you wear. It’s in the attitude. Some of you might not agree in saying “I don’t want to get it on with a girl who’s wearing granny panties!”. Well, here’s what I say. If that girls freaking Elisandra Tomacheski, I don’t really care what she’s wearing bro, as long as I can get her to take ‘em all off! And that’s my two cents in that.

Why do I bring this up? Well, the reason is because Elisandra looks good in anything. We have seen her model granny panty-like underwear, and also put on some seriously sexy lingerie – but both looked damn fine! And it’s all because Elisandra’s the one who’s wearing them.

[VIA coed.com/brobible.com]