22 Nov 2014

PM Hottie: October Gonzalez is a Hot WAG all Year Round

Some guys really do have all the luck, like NFL Tight end Tony Gonzalez when he married our PM Hottie, October Gonzalez.

Born October Calinda Russel, the stunning 33-year old is one hot momma every man would wish they can have a piece of. She’s sexy, confident and has a bubbly personality, which is why we can’t get enough of her.

Apart from being such a fine looking lady, October Gonzalez holds a license in cosmetology and bartending. Did we mention she’s also got some pipes to sing you a few songs too?

Yep, that’s how talented this gorgeous woman is. So if you’ve never heard of this hot NFL WAG, then it’s about time you do. Here’s October flaunting the goods for us.

[Via instagram]