16 Apr 2017

PM Hottie: Mina Cvetkovic, The Androgynous Beauty With Splendid Taste In Music

Whenever I take a look at Mina Cvetkovic’s face, I think, she’s androgynous. She’s not your usual girly girl type of hottie and she’s not entirely that feminine-looking either. Is it just me or do you guys feel the same? Let me know by commenting below.

Moving on, I also like her taste in music. For instance, she got featured in Vogue Magazine’s website for looking particularly cool and badass at a U2 concert. If a hottie has brilliant taste in music, that’s it for me. Let me leave you guys with her wonderful pictures while I devise a plan to get her to marry me.

[VIA listal.com/spicy.southdreamz.com]