19 Nov 2017

AM Hottie: Arousing Linda Vojtova

Linda Vojtova is one Czech model that deserves a big check on our growing list of hotties. She’s attractive, sultry and downright gorgeous, which is why we just had to make her our PM Hottie. We couldn’t resist showing her off!

After winning the Elite Model Look when she was just 15, Linda wasted no time in dominating the industry. Since then she’s modeled for some of the world’s most prestigious brands like Escada, La Perla, Diesel, Armani, Max Mara not to forget, Victotia’s Secret.

The 32-year old has been repeatedly hailed as the next budding Gisele Bundchen, which we couldn’t agree more but she can definitely pull it off just by conquering the world as her very own Linda Vojtova.

Because we’re feeling lucky to have stumbled upon her, we’re willing to share our blessings aka showing off her sexiest photos below!