13 Mar 2015

PM Hottie: Knockout Natalia Andrade Oviedo

Natalia Andrade Oviedo boasts of a killer combo for being a brunette and a Brazilian. If this won’t make you feel weak in the knee, then we don’t know what will. She is our PM Hottie and we are more than ready to share her goods with you.

Started modeling when she was only 17, Natalia Andrade Oviedo has been in the biz for many years. Now 33, she’s still killing it as she wears the hottest lingerie and swimwear.

Modeled for plenty of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Natalis confesses that fashion really is her passion. Well, we are more than happy because she chose this career. We get to see such a stunning body anytime we want!

Here she is now, fogging up your screen.