23 Jan 2015

PM Hottie: Katarina Ivanovska Puts Macedonia on the Map

We only heard about Macedonia back in History class, which is why it was a surprise for us to have stumbled upon Katarina Ivanovska, the very beautiful woman who hails from the historical country. In fact, if she was our teacherl, we would have memorized all there is to know about her motherland. We’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of her yet so just before her fame blows up here, we’re going to give you an exclusive lowdown on this stunner who happens to be our PM Hottie.

The 26-year old model first made her debut when she entered a modelling contest back in 2004. Ever since, she put Macedonia on the map thanks to her fine looks and charismatic personality, much to her country’s pride. In fact, Katarina Ivanovska is being dubbed as the most popular Macedonian model out there.

Don’t believe us? Then we’ll let these photos of her do the talking!

[Via coed.com/celebwallpaper.org]