7 Nov 2017

PM Hottie: Karmen Pedaru Makes Estonia Proud

Our PM Hottie hails from Estonia and such profound beauty deserves all of our attention. We have the ethereal and astounding, Karmen Pedaru.

Discovered at a young age of 15, Karmen wasn’t exactly interested in modeling firsthand. In fact, she was into drama and sports. Yep, she was a goalkeeper in the country’s national team and even tapped into basketball, handball and more. Just our kind of girl!

Later on, she decided to give modeling a shot and lo and behold, she was also a natural at it. Her light brown hair, defined jaws and her contoured body are what makes her stand out. It wasn’t long until Vogue took notice and found herself a cover story.

If you’re still not convinced she is a must see, then we probably should let these photos of Karmen Pedaru do all the talking. Check her out!

[Via celebwallpaper.org/outofaces.com]