16 Jul 2017

PM Hottie: Inguna Butane, From Pretty Young Thing To Latvian Love Interest

I can still remember when I first heard of Inguna Butane’s name. It was memorable because I remember laughing out loud. Take it easy on me, I really meant no offense. In fact, my jaw dropped when I saw her picture. She was the living definition of being a ‘pretty young thing”. She was one of the loveliest, most innocent-looking girls I’ve seen in the fashion industry.

That was 2009, I think. Fast forward to 2017, well, she still looks lovely. In fact, she’s even hotter because now, you can think all of those sexy thoughts without feeling guilty. In fact, be our guest as we take a look at her sexiest photos online in this steaming hot gallery.

[VIA pinterest.com/ranker.com]