11 Dec 2017

AM Hottie: Heidi Klum is the Greatest of Them All

There are models and then there are supermodels. Heidi Klum is a definite super model goddess walking among us mere mortals. She’s 44 years old and practically one of the cornerstones of the fashion industry.

So what is there that hasn’t been done by this German beauty? Nothing. She’s a Victoria’s Secret angel, a host, a TV personality, an executive producer, an entrepreneur, a cameo actress and everything else in between. Lest we forget, she sometimes transforms into a full fledged butterfly every Halloween or so.

See, there is nothing that Heidi Klum can’t do. She even effortlessly makes us drop on our knees, open our jaws and just salivate over her until we run dry.

She’s a spell and we’re practically forever bound. So go right ahead and lose yourself. We’ve got more than enough jaw-dropping photos of her right here.

(via joblo.com/theplace2.ru)