6 Dec 2016

PM Hottie: Georgia Gibbs, Refreshingly Beautiful Animal Lover

No, we’re not referring to the old music icon, though I must admit (may she rest in peace), she was pretty hot herself in her hey days. Anyway, moving on, the Georgia Gibbs that we’re referring to today is the sizzling hot Aussie, one of the new up-and-coming models! In fact, she’s even a part of the 2017 Sports Illustrated casting calls.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if she gets listed. After all, this blonde babe’s smile is enough to melt any heart and harden any…well, you know. Her looks are just refreshing and sexy all at the same time! Before you follow her on Instagram and Facebook though, be forewarned that this babe is an animal lover, through and through. So much that she’ll surely flood your home pages with sickeningly cute doggie photos and videos! If it’s sexy photos of her that you want, then please, help yourself down below.

[VIA pinterest.com/funtasticus.com]