31 May 2015

PM Hottie: Estonian Beauty Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a statuesque body. What else could you ask for? Having these three staples is a given in the modeling industry. Especially when fashion week is just a few weeks away and brands are rushing to book the best possible model that will suit their needs.

Estonian babe Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov is definitely one of them. With her towering height of 175 cm, she’s booked so many catwalks that she’s even labeled as the most hardworking model for the fall/winter 2015 season. Booking a total of 74 shows, there’s no doubt that she definitely deserves the title.

Her deep, enticing blue eyes will keep you mesmerized until you finally realize that the night has passed and it’s already early in the morning. Check her out below to see more of her.

(via fansshare.co.uk/listal.com)