31 Jul 2017

PM Hottie: Emily DiDonato, Baywatch Worthy Body

Let’s face it, the Baywatch TV series had helped a lot of us define what being “sexy” is. After all, we’re talking about Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff here. However, a lot of the sexy celebrities we see now, even the hotties whom we feature here, unfortunately wouldn’t really make the cut to being a Baywatch worthy body. A lot would be too skinny, too soft-looking. They would not have that vibrancy of activity that the Baywatch crew has.

But not Emily DiDonato. No sir. She will fit right in. She would be perfect to play any role (especially the ones that would require her running along the beach with her boobs swinging left and right), and her body is even more worthy than a lot of the new Baywatch movie cast!

[VIA ranker.com/radass.com]