12 Dec 2017

PM Hottie: Delicate Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

It’s not all the time you hear about models who prefer not to drink, smoke and party. So when we stumbled upon Tunisian perfection that is Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, we were instantly enamored. She’s one Muslim stunner that’s changing the industry, one healthy perception at a time.

Hanna has been breaking grounds since she dropped her engineering course and decided to take matters into her own hands. She did come from a very conservative family but that didn’t stop her from being the very first Muslim face of Lancome.

Other than that, she’s got a beauty that’s both fierce and delicate, which is why we’re just so darn drawn to her.

If it’s only now you’re hearing about her, then you’ve been missing out. Good thing we’re the good guys who decided to compile her best photos. Check Hanaa Ben Abdesslem out below!