11 Jul 2017

PM Hottie: Darla Baker – You Just Gotta Love This Girl!

We have a lot of reasons to like Darla Baker. She has this cool nerdy look, combined with her nerdy name, Darla. Take a look at her black and white pictures – the one where she has full bangs, and tell me that’s not nerdy? She has eyes as clear as water. She is not afraid to take pictures wearing only white lace undies. She has boobs. So many reasons. But what I like most about her is her face.


Her aesthetic looks gentle and friendly, unlike a lot of the models you see on print ads today (and some of the hotties we’ve featured here too), who look like absolute snobs, looking down on us from their billboards like we’re nothing but dirt. No. Darla Baker is not like that. You see her face in an ad, and you’ll think – hey, I want to meet this girl. She looks nice!

[VIA listal.com/pinterest.com]