21 Nov 2014

PM Hottie: Playful Daniela Pinedo

Quirky, playful and downright beautiful — Colombian model Daniela Pinedo did the world right by choosing to become a model. She’s undeniably one of the most gorgeous women from the country and just with a glance, it’s not hard to tell why men fall on their knees for her.

Whether she’s wearing a dress, a bikini or thong, she’s got big assets any man would want to be deeply invested in. There’s no doubt Daniela Pinedo is living her life and loving every minute, it’s as if she’s always smiling every time we encounter her.

It would be a big shame if you’ve never come across this bombshell because she’s one mesmerizing beauty everyone should know about.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the dirty work and have compiled some of Daniela Pinedo’s hottest photos.