10 Oct 2016

PM Hottie: Blonde Dream, Shannan Click

Do you know the only thing that I didn’t like from the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Actor Jack Huston, that’s what! Well, I don’t really have anything against the actor except the fact that he’s the husband of Shannan Click!

I really like the girl. Look at her, she’s a walking Barbie doll. Her eyes are a clear blue, like two crystal pools. Her nose is as cute as a button, and most of all, her lips are like two rose petals. Plus, for a mom, her body is still a perfect ten. She’s really a mother I’d very much like to…meet someday. I know what you’re thinking. I’m thinking of that as well. But sorry guys, this gal’s taken, thanks to Jack freaking Huston. We can content ourselves in her hot pictures though. Thanks to me.

[VIA ranker.com/celebwallpaper.org]