7 Dec 2017

AM Hottie: Big Time Model Joan Smalls

Ebony beauties are definitely rocking the fashion industry and we’ve got yet another hot item to introduce you too. It’s none other than our PM Hottie, Joan Smalls.

Don’t go ridiculing her last name now because she’s everything BUT small. In fact, apart from towering at a height of 5’10”, she is also one of the world’s biggest paid models, #8 to be exact. Yep, she’s loaded in more ways than one. We almost forgot: She also graduated magna cum laude. Beat THAT!

What’s not to love about Joan Smalls? She’s massively appealing, confident, smart and is a certified bombshell. It’s no surprise that men fall on their knees and women die of envy. She’s practically got everything going for her. By the looks of it, we’re going to see a lot more of this girl in the coming years.

So go ahead and lose yourself over this hot runway babe. We guarantee it’s going to be worth every drop of sweat and saliva.

[Via pinterest.com/xaxor.com]