18 Nov 2014

PM Hottie: Armanda Barten is Sweeter than Dutch Chocolate

Blonde hair, green eyes and Dutch — Armanda Barten is one sizzling model that can melt practically any Dutch chocolate laid out in front of her. She’s one of the most underrated models around and thanks to her good looks, fellow Dutch model Heidi Klum might just be given a run for her money.

Armanda’s got a very strong sex appeal and that enticing look about her. Perhaps it’s the reason why she’s making us think of everything sweet, tasty and succulent. Whether she’s wearing a dress or clad in the tiniest lingerie, she looks classy and sexy, which is everything we all want in a woman.

If it’s just your first time to read about Armanda Barten, then count yourself lucky. Here are her best photos showing us what she’s all about.