8 Oct 2014

PM Hottie: Anna Burns Welker

Who could ever forget that time someone followed Gisele Bundchen’s footsteps in bashing players each time the Patriots lose? Well, apart from a big mouth, our PM Hottie of the day also has a big rack and she’s not at all coy about showing it off. It’s the now Denver Broncos wide receiver, Wes Welker’s, wife— Anna Burns Welker.

Before she was the trophy wife of Welker, she was Miss Hooters International. Of course, she deserved every bit of that award, considering that hot bod that goes well with just about any bikini or lingerie.

The catty model is one sexy WAG, which is one reason we will forever envy Welker. When she’s not trashing her husband’s opponents, she’s spreading the goods for the betterment of mankind.

Here she is nearly baring it all during some of Anna’s sexiest photo shoots.

[Via bustedcoverage.com/rollingout.com]