17 Nov 2017

AM Hottie: Bewitching Analeigh Tipton

Each of us had our own reason why we kept watching the film, Crazy, Stupid, Love. For the ladies, Ryan Gosling was there and for us men, well, other than Julian Moore being a hot MILF, we also had our eyes on Analeigh Tipton — who is now our official PM Hottie. Yes, she was the hot nanny there, which made us wish we also had that kind of nanny growing up.

The 29-year old rose to fame after joining America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11. Now, she’s hit the big time not only for her talent but definitely also for her good looks.

She’s got big blue eyes that seem to cast a spell on us the moment we stumbled upon her. Then we proceeded to look at her full, delicious-looking lips and we just knew she wasn’t going to make this easy for us.

We want you to feel the same way too. Here’s Analeigh Tipton showing us what it’s all about!

[Via lazygirls.info/outofaces.com]