27 Nov 2014

PM Hottie: Mesmerizing Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has landed so many Hollywood roles other actresses in the biz would kill for. Who could blame her? She’s got such a strong presence on and off the screen, which is why we believe she deserves to be our PM Hottie.

The 28-year old actress is best known for acing it in films like Mean Girls, Chloe, Red Riding Hood, Dear John, Gone, Les Miserables and Lovelace. She’s been constantly recognized and nominated for her talent and of course, no one can pass up on her good looks, too.

While she enjoys all the attention, did you know Amanda Seyfried suffers from panic attacks and stage fright? Yep, it’s a big question why too. Nevertheless, she’s doing a really good job!

Enough with the chit chat, it’s time for the best part! Here we have Amanda showing off the goods for us.

[Via theplace2.ru/ranker.com]