25 Apr 2017

PM Hottie: Amanda Hendrick, Scottish Hottie With A Voice

Amanda Hendrick was no doubt hot from the start – this is the reason why it was easy for her to become an internationally acclaimed model. However, over the years, people started to notice that she just keeps dropping weight, and she’s not even fat!

Needless to say, people started to think that she was battling eating disorders. She denied it at first, but eventually, this hottie proved that she wasn’t only beautiful, she was also tough and brave to answer to these controversies. She went out to the world and admitted to anorexia and drug use. I respect you for that, girl, because not all hotties, not even a small percentage of the beauties that we have already featured here would have the guts to come out with that, lay down her soul, and just be vulnerable. We salute you!

[VIA pinterest.com/listal.com]