7 Dec 2016

PM Hottie: Alena Po – The Lady Too Hot For Her Ex-Husband To Handle

Alena Po certainly puts the “po” in pointy – that’s the perfect description for those boobs of hers. Boobs that were part of the body that is just too hot – even for her ex-husband to handle, that’s for sure!

Apparently, Alena was once married to a Russian politician, and I bet he didn’t want to share her jugs to the world. If I was her husband, I’d probably feel the same. If I had access to those kinds of beauties, man, I wouldn’t share it for anything! But…Alena was just too generous. She wanted to share her beauty to the world by posting ridiculously sexy photos of her boobs and behind on Instagram. And faster than they can say “divorce”, she already had more than two hundred thousand followers. I’m not the one to complain! In fact, here’s more of her sexy pics. Have fun ya crazies!

[VIA coed.com/ranker.com]