23 Jan 2017

PM Hottie: Alana Greszata, Hippie With A Hot Body

If there’s one thing I love about a woman, it’s a strong woman, an opinionated one, with a cause! Uhh…well that and a really sexy body. I don’t know about you guys but if her Instagram account would speak for her beliefs, then Alana Greszata is truly a hippie at heart.

Plus, you’d just want to be her housemate that’s for sure! Alana, can I do your laundry while you just sit there on the couch half-naked, yoga pants on (unbuttoned), and with only a book covering your boobs? I promise I’d try hard to not bother you while you’re meditating. In fact, I’d even encourage you to do all those flexible yoga poses because a girl needs to be flexible…right?

[VIA coed.com/listal.com]