17 Aug 2017

PM Hottie: Adriana Lima, Victoria’s Secret Legend

Victoria’s Secret is known for their superior taste in models. Seriously, have you ever seen a “mediocre’ or “not-so-angelic” Victoria’s Secret angel? That is also the main reason why a LOT of models, even those who are known internationally already, strive hard to become a part of that. Being an angel is a title only granted to the most beautiful few.

And even amongst those few, there are legends. Legendary angels like Adriana Lima, whose name is almost synonymous to sexy now. A dude who doesn’t know who this angel is, is no bro. If there is going to be a bro-bible, nay, a broble, Adriana Lima will be one of the primary archangels. That’s how hot this hottie is.

[VIA radass.com/coed.com]