25 Feb 2011

Petra Nemcova looking her absolute hottest and sweetest

Sweet Christmas! You guys and gals would be hard-pressed to see a hotter celebrity babe than Petra Nemcova today. I really missed gushing over her rollercoaster body and now she’s finally back in our attention with a new drool inducing lingerie photoshoot that I’m sure you guys will love!

Petra was one of my favorite hotties years ago and even though she went a bit off our radar lately this Czech supermodel still looks as stunning as usual and she’s always ready to drop our jaws with photos like the ones you’re about to see. She’s a bit over 30 right now but this girl shows everyone that 30 is the new 20 since she still looks hotter than most girls out there.

Anyways, here is Petra Nemcova dropping our jaws and unleashing her killer hotness in this new lingerie photoshoot. I don’t know exactly for what lingerie brand were these photos taken, I know I totally dig Petra wearing it. Sweet!