16 Jul 2013

Petra Nemcova is a “Wild Orchid”

Sweet mother of God! This Czech supermodel still looks as stunning as usual and she’s always ready to drop our jaws with photos like the ones you’re about to see. You’ll rarely see a hotter supermodel than Petra Nemcova. I really missed gushing over her rollercoaster body and now she’s back in our attention with this drool inducing lingerie photoshoot, from Wild Orchid, that I’m sure you guys will love!

This babe never stops to amaze us and her one of a kind beauty never disappoints. Some of you maybe even remember that we’ve ranked Petra Nemcova on the first place in our list with the top 10 hottest czech women. Even though she had serious competition like Victoria’s Secret models, babes who also appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues and other chicks who are hot enough to melt icebergs, this babe still managed to stand out of crowd and top that list. And she still looks hotter than most girls out there.

Those long legs, groovy curves and luscious lips could give you the urge to kiss her for hours and that sexy little body is something you’ve always dreamed of. Anyways, enough blabbing, here is Petra Nemcova dropping our jaws and unleashing her killer hotness in sexy lingerie photoshoot. Sweet!