28 Apr 2010

PETA actually does something great for mankind

Joanna Krupa Peta A

To be honest, I don’t really care about what PETA does for the world. They probably want to make it better, save the animals, nature, forest and stuff and would like to turn all of us into green-freaks who won’t eat meat and won’t take a dump in the forest. I won’t give up eating meat no matter what, so I’m not for Peta’s cause.

But they actually do something really great for mankind and that is convincing celebrities who normally won’t show too much skin that they could do it for a great cause to save the animals and the world. So, since female celebrities fall for that kind of things, they accept and that’s how we got to see a couple of pretty hot PETA ads with famous chicks.

They took their clothes off for these ads and even though they aren’t showing any of their private parts, these ads are pretty great to see. So we’ve decided to make a gallery with some of the best PETA ads from these last years. Enjoy!

Imogen Bailey Peta

Sophie Monk Peta

Kobe Kaige Peta

Amanda Beard Peta

Christian Serratos Peta

Eva Mendes Peta

Holly Madison Peta

Jenna Jameson Peta

Pamela Anderson Peta

Sasha Grey Peta

Joanna Krupa Peta

Imogen Bailey Peta A

Traci Binghma Peta

Stephanie Pratt Peta

Roselyn Sanchez Peta

Karina Smirnoff Peta

Dita Von Teese Peta

Audrina Patridge Peta

Alicia Silverstone Peta

Charlotte Ross Peta

David Cross Peta

Olivia Munn Peta

Gotta love that David Cross ad right?