18 Nov 2016

The Perfect Holiday Travel Gear: Matador Daylite16 Backpack

Have ever experienced waking up in the morning and you feel like being spontaneous and a wee bit adventurous? Tired of carrying things that are not essential to your alone time yet still want to have a sack or a bag that will fit inside your pocket just in case? Or may be in search of a handy stash where you can carry all the useful stuff you happen to buy when shopping things to add up to your brosenal when you are in a hurry? Then if your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are in luck for stumbling upon this post for we are going to feature here today the Matador Daylite 16 Backpack, a bag which can serve as the perfect travel gear that can help any bro in need of a comfortable way of travelling, especially if you are always on the go. This is also the perfect gear to bring with you during those quick holiday weekend trips!

So What Makes Matador Daylite16 Backpack Special?

This portable backpack from Matador is a puncture and water resistant sixteen liter backpack that is soundly designed and sized for going around a very busy and active city. This backpack from Matador can be easily folded into a portable bundle that can easily fit your pocket, it is fashioned to all bros ( as we have mentioned above) that are always on the go. This portable bag are perfect for work, going out with your friends, instant backpacking trips, working out in gyms, and all other related as well as all sorts of emergency  packing situations.

Furthermore, this handy stash in spite of its portability design is by all means a bag that comes with a pair shoulder straps that are easily adjusted, top carry handle, water proof main compartment with two zippers, two side pouches for water bottles and other gears of the same size, water resistant frontal pocket with a zipper. The Matador Daylite16 Backpack is covered with 30D Cordura ripstop nylon to ensure maximum durability against punctures and rips that are caused by daily usage.