16 Nov 2011

Paula Patton showing off all of her sexy stems

Here’s a girl we haven’t featured on this site yet, all around uber hottie Paula Patton, looking like a supernova of hotness while posing in this wicked photoshoot for Complex. Gosh.. I always knew this peach was a hottie but these photos are scorching hot, probably her sexiest shots ever!!  Wowzers!

I’ve been gushing over this criminally underrated babe for years now and with this photoshoot I can finally say how much I liked her and I’m sure you guys and gals will understand why I say that after gawking at any of these photos. And if these photos of Paula and her ridiculously sexy curves don’t convince you that she’s a major hottie, then nothing will.

That would also mean that you’re completely oblivious to sexiness or blind or you’re just a bit delusional. But I’m sure you think she’s freaking hot just as much as I do. Enjoy and.. kongratz Complex for making this breathtaking photoshoot with this girl.