31 Aug 2010

Paty Navidad’s body is totally mesmerizing

Paty Navidad Hombre 1

I really like this mens magazine from Mexico simply called “Hombre”. First, they have a pretty great taste in women and they always impress us with local beauties. Next… these guys don’t publish just 4-6 pics with a hottie like other magazines do but they publish a jaw dropping pictorial with more than 20 pics, which is just enough to please our eyes!

This time Hombre magazine featured Paty Navidad in a scorching hot photoshoot in their September 2010 Issue that might drive your Mexican lawn mowers crazy. Paty or Patricia is a Mexican actress and singer and until now, I’m pretty sure already rocked the minds of every man from her country but with this photoshoot she does a lot more than that.

I’ve found her wiki page and I still can’t believe this woman is 37 right now. She has the body of a 20 year old and she probably knows all the techniques to drive you crazy. Gosh, if we knew girls we’re dating  at the moment would look like her when they’re 37.. I’m sure we’d all marry them as soon as possible. But Paty is one a million.