1 Jun 2012

Patricia Beck will make you drool like a fool

I don’t know what happened this week, but our first post with Brazilian bombshell Patricia Beck was extremely popular, and for good reason. She’s adorably sweet, she looks like a supernova of hotness in skimpy lingerie and.. she’s one of those models that most people still don’t know yet.

Since we haven’t seen her in a long, long time (four months to be more exact), we’ve searched the web up and down to find more photos of this hottie to share with you guys and gals. That’s how we’ve discovered this breathtaking lingerie photoshoot with Patricia Beck looking like the definition of perfection for Impetus and Plie.

Now these photos aren’t exactly brand new but I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen them yet and.. hot damn, when a Brazilian model unleashes the sex appeal in skimpy lingerie, you probably don’t care about that, right? This girl in lingerie could make even your granny rethink her sexual orientation. Enjoy and.. have a great weekend!!!