25 Oct 2010

Paris Hilton kicks off the daily links

I Guess We Know What Paris Hilton Is Going To Be For Halloween [Flisted]
Alizee Paradis Is Hottest NCAA (Female) Athlete Of The Decade Nominee [BC]
Ileana Tacconelli is the Hottest Italian Teacher Ever. I’d tap that [Brobible]
Emma Mae Looks So Wholesome. Looks Can Be Deceiving [BeerGoggler]
Kate Moss sizzles in Valisere lingerie [PHS]
Jodie Marsh in a double cover special for ZOO [ZooToday]
Sexy Chrissie Chau showing off her body in lingerie [DJMick]
Eight Incredible Replica Rides You Can Own [SmokingJacket]
The 20 worst masked wrestling gimmicks of all-time [Linkiest]
7 creepy Urban Legends that happen to be true [Cracked]
iPhone Chicks Love to Take Pics of Themselves [Uncoached]
Kelly Brook and Riley Steele In Hot Bikinis [MyChillPill]
A Gallery Of Beach Volleyball Bottoms. That’s all… [TPS]
Monica Cruz is way hotter than her popular sister [Flabber]
The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy in Just One GIF [Unreality]
And… Picking Up Chicks In Non Pick Up Situations [COED]