22 Jul 2013

Pamela Burgos is my favourite type of chocolate

Well, it’s about time for a change, right? I was wondering if any of you guys – or gals, for that matter – have ever been to Mexico. Well, it doesn’t matter anyways, ’cause Mexico has come to you, in the gorgeous form of Mexican model Pamela Burgos, showing off her sexy self for the latest Fredericks of Hollywood collection. Andale, Andale!

I gotta admit I haven’t heard of her yet, so I suppose neither have you; still, this chocolate sweetie is starting to get some serious attention, so we should expect to see more of her perfect, sexy curves all over the place. I surely got one place in mind.. can anyone say “come to papa”?!

Who wouldn’t want to savour this peach? It’s not rasist to state that Latina women are curvy, and Pamela Burgos is simply oozing sex appeal and making me dissolve in my own drool; not a pretty sight, I know! But it’s totally her fault.. if you don’t believe me, check it out! Enjoy!