8 Mar 2017

The OX, The World’s First Flat-Packed Truck

Remember when furniture when furniture was delivered fully-assembled already? Well, we had no choice then, back when solid wood furniture were the thing, that is…until IKEA.

Oh yes, IKEA, the game changer. The company came bustling in with their simply stylish furniture that comes in flat packs. All of a sudden everyone’s a DIY expert. All of a sudden it’s a life skill to know how to assemble furniture. Is it entirely MY fault that I can’t figure out the desk I ordered last month and it’s still lying on the floor of my apartment. IN PIECES?!

Ehem. Going back, while I may not share the love for IKEA with my lady friends, I might start to appreciate the joys of assembly and flat packing because of OX.

What now?

OX. The world’s first flat-packed truck. Yes, that’s right. It’s an entire (fully functional, fully drivable) truck inside a flat-packed package. Talk about the savings we’re going to enjoy in shipping once the other cars get the picture.

So everything that you will ever need to build yourself your own OX truck will be inside a two to three packages to be exact, as the gear and engine are coming in a separate box. The size of this package is so convenient that six trucks can actually fit into a single shipping container. As of the moment though, we’re not the ones who are going to assemble this baby. Professionals are actually waiting in the other end of the shipping to assemble the truck before distribution (which is actually a-okay by me, because if you can’t rely on me for furniture, then what more a truck?!).

Now let’s talk about the car. The OX truck, despite its small packaging, is one tough truck designed to handle rough roads. Plus, it’s also the first vehicle I have come across that puts the driver in the smack middle. It has a three seat cab by the way. Other features include a 2.2 liter turbo diesel, a wide wheelbase, and a high ground clearance.