14 Feb 2012

Our Top 10 Favorite Girls from SI’s 2012 Swimsuit Issue

The most awesome magazine issue on the face of the planet, the 2012 Swimsuit Issue from Sports Illustrated, is finally out today.. just in time to ruin your girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t know exactly why they time it like this, but after gawking at all those adorably hot girls in all sorts of breathtaking bikinis, poses and exotic locations, I’m pretty damn sure you’re going to hate your girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day.

Last year’s issue was pretty damn great but this one is beyond that. 18 Models, one hotter than the other, especially a couple of girls that I love like Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Bar Refaeli or Alyssa Miller. After she literally took over the world, Kate Upton took over the cover of SI’s Swimsuit issue this year and, even though I’m not a big fan of the photo from the cover, that looks like 80’s/90’s covers, her photos were mind blowing!

We’re gonna try to rank the 10 hottest girls from this year’s Swimsuit issue from Sports Illustrated, the girls who impressed  us the most.

10. Kirby Griffen

Good god, who is this girl? She was definitely the most pleasant surprise when I’ve opened the magazine. She’s about as cute as they come and her cuteness is more than enough to make you fall for her. I was looking at her photos and I’ve instantly thought that’s she’s a mini Tyra Banks.

9. Michelle Vawer

I totally like this peach ever since I’ve seen the first photos with her and I was freaking glad when I’ve heard she’s going to be in this year’s Swimsuit Issue. I don’t know exactly why, but there are only photos with her in red bikinis/swimsuits which is why I’m going to say that she’s red-hot.

8. Ariel Meredith

This girl was a rookie a couple of years ago if I remember well and.. I wasn’t too impressed by her shoot back then but this year she nailed it! She’s back with a bang, if you could say so. I liked almost all photos with her and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like her a lot as well.

7. Cintia Dicker

Oh Cintiaaa.. if you guys have a thing for redheads just like I have, you’re going to love this peach. Brazilian supermodel, perfect little body, natural redhead, freckles, lovely eyes, what’s not to love? I knew she’s going to be freaking hot in this year’s issue as well and she’s just as expected. But I feel that in some photos she’s awkwardly photoshopped.

6. Irina Shayk

Still the hottest WAG in the world, Irina Shayk did her usual thing once again, looking as uber hot as she always does. I think her shoot was a bit less exciting than the one from 2011 when she also landed the cover, but we understand that. I still don’t know what’s up with her eyes, but believe it or not, I’m mostly attracted by her eyes, not by the perfect little body.

5. Bar Refaeli

Maaaan I was soo excited when I’ve heard that Bar Refeali is going to be back in this year’s issue, I even thought she might have a couple of chances to take the cover again. She was one of the hottest women in the world in these last years and you just can’t go wrong with her in a bikini. But I was expecting a little more than a studio photoshoot and a couple of photos with three guys. No one wants to see Bar with CP3, Nadal or Phelps.  Make a photoshoot of Bar and Kate Upton hugging each other and that’s going to be GOLD.

4. Alyssa Miller

Alyssa was one of our favorite girls discovered in 2011, mostly thanks to her shoot for last year’s swimwear issue and for Intimissimi. I was pretty damn glad when I’ve heard she’s coming back for another shoot and she’s done a great job once again! I kinda like her lighter hair and even though her boobs are a bit smaller I know they’re shaped like cocktail glasses and I totally love that.

3. Crissy Teigen

I was pleasantly surprised to see how ridiculously hot she looked this year and how she’s teasing the camera like a sexy little minx. She wasn’t one of my favorites last year but she’s been one of the most beautiful in this year’s swimsuit issue. And it’s all coming from a guy who definitely likes Bar or Irina more than Crissy.

2. Nina Agdal

Whoaa! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I’ve read that Nina is going to appear in this year’s Swimsuit Issue. I’m in love with this girl from day one and I knew she’s going to be absolutely mesmerizing. She was featured on Brosome even more often than Kate Upton in this last year, and that’s saying a looot. I even said a couple of times that she’s going to be my future girlfriend and, after gawking at these photos from Sports Illustrated, I want her even more. Rookie of the year for me! We’re definitely going to see more of her in the next Swimsuit Issues.

1. Kate Upton

Do we really need to say anything about Kate Upton ??? This girl has been everywhere in 2011 and even though I wasn’t too sure that she’s going to get the cover she’s there and she truly deserves it. Oh she’s also on the cover of Esquire and V magazine in the same month, Askmen’s #2nd most desired woman and that’s just a small part of her achievements. If there was a survey among men from all over the world on how the perfect woman should look like.. the result would be Kate Upton. She could turn gay into straight. I’m not a big fan of the cover but the photos from the magazine were the definition of perfection!

As for the other girls.. I can’t say I’m disappointed, just that.. I wasn’t too impressed by them.

Anne V – This was her 8th appearance in a row in SI’s swimsuit issue and I even thought she might get the cover at one point but the photos were like..  meh. She wasn’t as jaw dropping as I’ve seen her in the past.

Jessica Perez – I was pretty surprised this girl won last year’s rookie challenge instead of my girl Catrinel Menghia. Catrinel not appearing in the swimsuit issue is major disappointment but.. this peach was hot and I’ve thought she’s going to rock my world. She didn’t.

Genevieve Morton – She has one of the most awesome bodies in the entire issue, heck one of the hottest in these last years for sure, but she just doesn’t shine in her shots. I don’t exactly why, maybe it’s because I’m not behind the camera making her laugh.

Julie Henderson – I’m not a fan of Julie and I never was. Yeah, she’s pretty damn sexy but she looks more like an athlete rather than a supermodel.

Cystal Renn – I think she was in this year’s issue to replace Hilary Rhoda and didn’t do it too well. Looks sweet but I’m not feeling her.

Izabel Goulart –  I don’t know exactly why, but something is up with Izabel’s face. She’s one of the hottest, most popular Brazilian supermodels but every time I look at her I think that she could be better.

Adaora – I was pretty glad when I’ve heard there’s no Jessica White in this year’s issue but Adaora wasn’t better either. Mini Tyra Banks (as I’m about to call Kirby Griffen from now on) did a freaking great job!

Jessica Gomes – It’s probably her best swimwear photoshoot but it just wasn’t good enough to make it to the top10!

And, in the end, the real major disappointments are NOT featuring Brooklyn Decker and Esti Ginzburg. Those girls made me feel weak at the knees every time I looked at their photos. Maybe they’ll be back next year, who knows?

Overall.. it was a freaking great issue! You can check it out here.