26 Jul 2011

Our sexy little tribute to the Hand Bra Pose

Gosh, I can’t believe we haven’t done a drool inducing tribute to hand bras on our site yet but.. that’s all going to change today. Sit back and relax because you’re going to enter hand bra heaven.. enjoying our great collection of some of the finest hand bras ever to appear online.

The hand bra pose is one of the greatest methods to show off a tasty rack and whenever you see a photo with a hot girl barely covering her boobs with her hands just to tease you with a bit of what you’re not getting your dirty hands on.. you’ll start drooling like a fool and your imagination will go wild.

The Hand Bra is one of the most lethal tricks used by hotties to seduce men all over the world and… I hope all chicks will start doing it more often, take a couple of photos in the process and upload ’em to the internet because I’m sure we’ll all appreciate that, right?

Anyways, I know you’re not even reading this so I’d better stop here and leave you enjoy this massive collection of incredible hand bras. Go on..