29 Feb 2012

Ottawa vs Boston was a duel of 2 netminders

Ottawa had a great game on Tuesday, benefiting from strong defense and stalwart goaltending. Though Tuesday’s game in Boston was a re-match of the NHL all star games captains, with Daniel Alfredsson on the Senators pitted against Chara on the Bruins, the game was really all about the 2 goaltenders.

The Senators Robin Lehner stopped 32 shots, getting his first career shut out and a big win over Boston. This is great news for the Sens, as their starting goalie Craig Anderson is out with an injury. You have to feel for Tim Thomas- he made 37 saves, but his team gave him nothing on offense.  Blame it on the Bruins offense, or blame it on the 20 year old Lehner’s stellar performance, but either way the Senator’s managed to hold on to their 1 goal lead throughout the game.

The Senators went up in the first with a power-play goal by Erik Karlsson, smashing it home from the point through traffic. You could tell early that the only way a goal was getting by these two net-minders was one where the goalie did not have a great line of sight on the goal. The Senator’s in particular played great defense for their young goalie, blocking shots right left and center. The Sens kept the Bruins from their first shot for almost 7 minutes, establishing early game dominance that helped them throughout the game.

Chara had a physical game for the Bruins, smashing over the Senators players like ragdolls. This guy is probably the NHL player I would least want to fight. He stands 6’9, weighing 225 lbs, and he’s a demon in fights when anyone is brave enough to go at him. You do not want to meet this guy in a dark alley, that’s for sure.

The Senator’s have been struggling against the Bruins, who are their biggest rivals in the Northeast Division. The Bruins won the last 4 games against the Senators, who finally got a bit of revenge for the thrashing this team usually hands out. The Senators have been dominate lately, winning 6 out of their last seven battles, moving up to second place in their division after Tuesday’s win.