13 Feb 2017

Something To Try This Valentines: Orgasmic Meditation – Is There Really Such A Thing?

There’s been some sort of buzz here in the office the other day amongst the ladies. They were talking about OM. At first, I thought they were talking about spiritual mantras, you know the whole “yoga package”. Come to think of it, I wasn’t completely wrong. They were actually talking about Orgasmic Meditation. And for you gents who are still thinking of something new to try tomorrow night – here’s a sure treat for the ladies!

Orgasmic Meditation

What is OM?

OM stands for Orgasmic Meditation. Being the naughty boy that I am, I quickly Googled it when I returned to my desk. It felt like an article was brewing and so here we are. Orgasmic Meditation is apparently a Buddhist tradition that focuses on the mindfulness and intimate connection of people.


So…basically, what they’re trying to practice is this: there is a special way of stroking a woman’s vagina and it is guaranteed to make a woman orgasm in just thirteen minutes. BUT not in the way women typically orgasm. According to the practitioners of OM, women have been orgasming wrong. In fact, the very notion of climaxing is already wrong. Women don’t really “climax”. Men do. Women, when they orgasm right, orgasm more like a “rollercoaster ride”. From my understanding, it’s more cyclical than a one-time big time building up then BAM!

How do you do that “special orgasm”?

To those willing to try this out, here’s an important thing to keep in mind. It’s not about you. It’s for the lady. But in the process of pleasuring her, you (should) be able to feel pleasure and a more intimate connection as well. In short, she’s not going to do anything else while you do all the work, but don’t worry it’s only for thirteen minutes.

First, you need to create a comfortable nest of pillows. Prop up her legs on top of two pillows so she feels like she’s in heaven. Then, with your hand, open her up gently, inserting your thumb inside her while your other finger lifts up her clitoral hood. With your other finger, gently massage the left section of the clit because they say that it’s where the nerves are concentrated the most. Talk to her and ask her about how she feels and there you have it. OM. You might not reach the O.M. as in “Oh my…” moment that goes hand in hand with the climax orgasm, you know, the usual orgasm that we’re used to…but that’s not the point. Good luck!