6 Feb 2013

Orcrist – The Goblin Cleaver Sword Replica

Here’s something for those of you who love Lord of the Rings. Every fantasy film offers along with the epic action and special effects a wide variety of costumes and weapons that combine the medieval with the fantastic. The prequel to the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, also featured a couple of cool battle axes and swords.

True fans of this movie will probably be thrilled to find out that Weta Workshop created a perfect replica of the “goblin cleaver” Orcrist that was wielded by Thorin Oakenshield in the film. This sword was created with the most minute dedication and care for details and it also comes with a scabbard replica all for the price of 9900 dollars.

The sword replica is crafted with the elven motifs of the original and is forged with steel and a dragon tooth handle that looks similar to wood toanunknowing eye. This latest addition to the Master Swordsmith’s Collection now joins the other Lord of the Rings memorabilia swords namely Anduril, Strider’s Sword, Glamdring and Sting.

The elven runes on the handle translate as: “Born from the Maws of Dragons I am Always Hungry and Thirsty.”