24 Aug 2016

Olympic Hottie: Legendary Soccer Lass, Lauren Sesselmann

Honestly, I have already heard a lot of unreasonable racist comments pointed towards the direction of my friends from the Great White North. I also don’t get it, why it is always so. Is it because of the weird accent? Or their love for donuts? Or both? I don’t know. But I have one thing for sure though, in the Olympics, I will always root for the Canadian Soccer Team. That’s right, not Team USA, but Team Canada.

The reason is because of the awesome Olympic bronze medalist, Lauren Sesselmann. In fact, she is so good that she is the highest points in all the history of Purdue Soccer. Aside from playing soccer, she also has a series of workout videos that I’m sure your girlfriend could use.

(via gettyimages.com/facebook.com)