23 Aug 2016

3 Olympic Gold Medalists That Have Become Household Names Part 2!

With the previous two Olympians starting off this series, it’s time to pay tribute to the rest of the Olympians that have achieved international super stardom. Some of these athletes have become even more popular than Hollywood celebrities because of their incredible achievements. These incredible athletes from different kinds of sports never fail to amaze us with their athleticism and overflowing talent. Furthermore, their sports achievements have become a part of history and they will be forever remembered as the best of the best. Here are some Olympic gold medalists that have become household names part 2.

3. Kristi Yamaguchi

What better way to start off this list than by introducing to you a household name in the figure skating department. Kristi Yamaguchi is not as well known to the rest of the world compared to the next two. However, that does not mean she doesn’t deserve to be paid tribute to. She is an Olympic gold medalist who impressed the crowd with her elegance and perfection during the Winter Olympic Games back in 1992. Being the best in her field, she was even inducted to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. With that said, she will definitely be remembered as one of the best figure skaters in the world.

2. Jesse Owens

Another household name from the Sprinting department, Jesse Owens has become one of the most known athletes of all time. Not only does he specialize in sprinting but long jumps as well. He has gained so much international recognition that films have been made to tell about his life accomplishments. Some of his awards include The Presidential medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. In addition, he was even inducted to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. Those achievements definitely earns him the right to be called as one of the best.

1. Muhammad Ali

Known as “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali definitely lived up to his name. He is regarded as the ultimate Olympian and is the best in professional boxing. Furthermore, he is one of the most celebrated figures in sports with all the championships he has won over his long and successful career. Aside from being the greatest in professional boxing, he was even an avid activist for many causes. He is highly recognized that he even gained a Hollywood star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He will definitely be remembered as the best for many years to come.