9 Jan 2013

Oh yeah, Doutzen Kroes is the definition of pure sexiness…

Here’s our first look this year at a Dutch vision of perfection, the wonderful Doutzen Kroes, unleashing her bodacious curves and killer body in a brand spanking new set of mostly lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret, of course. Now say it with me my friends… Sweet Christmas!!!

Gosh, this girl totally has it, eh? And by “it” I totally mean her perky bosom, amazing legs, sexy booty, slender waist, sultry lips, incredible eyes, etc, etc. Jesus, this is one hell of a display of sexiness and from multiple angles and in all sorts of hotness amplifying lingerie and other drool inducing outfits.

I really don’t know what else to say about Doutzen so.. I’m going to stop gushing here and let you guys get with the clicking and squirming and drooling. I’m pretty sure most of you have jumped straight to that part, but if you’re still reading this then what the heck, stop and check out the photos below.