11 Jan 2011

Oh my, Petra Cubonova is a supernova of hotness

Petra Cubonova Swimwear

I’ve been holding onto these pics for a couple of weeks I think and today the time to share them with you guys has finally come! Here’s Czech supermodel Petra Cubonova doing what she knows best… and that’s dropping our jaws straight to the floor with a new screaming hot photoshoot in swimwear.

Now, I know some of you already heard of this peach and you definitely know how drop dead gorgeous she is but for those of you who are gawking at her for the first time… I have to say I had exactly the same reaction when I’ve first seen a bunch of photos with her. I was speachless for minutes and I still am while I’m checking out these photos.

She’s extremely beautiful and she loves to show off her perfectly shaped body in bikinis and lingerie so… what’s not to love? Heck, these photos are even nicer than some of the shoots from SI’s Swimwear Issue. Anyways, time to click on these sexy thumbnails with Petra Cubonova in a new swimwear shoot. Oh yeah!