25 Jul 2013

Oh my, Daniela Freitas is one bad pussycat

I’ve noticed that guys who like animals, especially kitties, are considered by the ladies sensible and boyfriend material; personally, I think that’s a load of.. well, just a huge load, but for those guys that really think that might help improve their weekend action, take a good look at this kitty, the hot sexy Brazilian supermodel who goes by the name Daniela Freitas

I’m not a fan of cats, it’s gotta be said; but this peach is quite beautiful. She’s got the right curves in all the right places and she loves to show off her amazing body in skimpy outfits, this time for the new Kocca collection. And those eyes, oh my… she could easily make me shiver with just one look. I wonder if she cleans herself just like a kitty..

With that thought entering my mind, half a brain is already busy doing.. well, something else. Although Daniela Freitas usually shows off a sweetie, cute, innocent look this bad pussycat attitude really does it for me.. and that great pair of legs and her curvy body surely don’t hurt. Here, kitty, kitty! Meow!