28 Nov 2012

Oana Vîrlan in skimpy lingerie will make you flip out

Wow, wow and woooow! I’m pretty sure you guys will love me for this post. Here’s another super hottie you probably don’t know yet, an uber sweet Romanian model who goes by the name Oana Vîrlan and looks like a supernova of hotness whenever she’s showing off her perfect little body in lingerie, as you’re about to see right now.

Gosh, after looking at that top photo I have to ask you guys.. is she ridiculously hot or what !? Is that a collective “Hell yeah” that I just heard? Thought so… These awesome lingerie photos will not only melt your face and make you remember this girl’s name from now on, but also convince you that Oana is hands down, one of the most gorgeous babes we’ve discovered lately.

I’m in love right now, that’s why I’ll cut this one short and let the photos do the rest of the talking for me. So.. here’s Romanian model Oana Vîrlan unleashing her sick, sexy, tight, stunning little body in this breathtaking set of lingerie photos from Jolidon. Enjoy!