13 Nov 2012

Oakley Airwave Snow Goggles with Heads-Up Display

Winter is getting closer and closer for most of us and, even though I don’t like cold weather at all, I like winter sports a bit, especially snowboarding. But right now we’re going to talk about something else. A company called Oakley has recently unveiled probably the best gadget to take with you on the slopes, the Oakley Airwave Goggle.

This is a revolutionary goggle which features GPS and Bluetooth to let you record and view all sorts of information, such as speed, jump analytics, maps, temperature and even more. It also connects to your phone via an app (which is available on both Apple and Android) so you can control your music and playlists, view text messages and even manage incoming calls, while keeping your phone safe where it belongs, in your pocket.

All this info is displayed in the lower right corner of the goggles, which re-creates the appearance of a 14″ monitor being viewed from five feet away. You could get these goggles in two color options, Gun Metal/Black with Black Iridium lenses and White with Fire Iridium lenses for prices that range between $599 and $800.