9 Nov 2016

It’s Not Too Late To Bring More Sexy To The Halloween Season!

The Halloween season is almost over, and winter is almost here preparing us to put on our Christmas goggles. But wait, it’s not too late to bring more sexy to the Halloween season! Here are some kinky Halloween ideas to add more spice to this celebration. Careful though, the things listed here might just put you on Santa’s naughty list!

sexy halloween

Sexy Halloween Decoration

Nothing puts together dark and sexy, than a dungeon and handcuffs. Here’s an idea? Why don’t you take home the Halloween decorations you’ve used in the office and surprise the special lady by turning your room into a kinky sexy dungeon.

Naughty-Anything Costumes

While you’re at it, why not put those dirty outfits at work. After all, Halloween is the time to put a “naughty” on anything. Naughty nurse. Naughty pirate. Gasp, even naughty pilgrim! Convince her that Halloween is a good time to let out that dirty girl within – and WEAR IT.

As for you, lover boy, we have a lot of different lists to help you out in making this year’s Halloween costume the coolest one yet! In fact, we have even listed down the coolest cars that you can rent (but really, who’s stopping you from driving one home?), to take your costume to a while different level of legendariness!

Dirty Halloween Sex Positions!

We’ve compiled a post of interesting sex positions related to Halloween. How many of these have you already tried? My personal favorite, and something that me and the lady have already tried (please don’t tell her), is the mummy one. It has something to do with wrapping your birthday suit with lots of tissue, then tearing those pieces apart until your birthday suit is exposed once again, and we all know what happens after, am I right?

Kinky Halloween Movies

And finally to those who prefer a comfy yet thrilling night of cuddling, why not opt to start a movie marathon of the kinkiest Halloween movies ever? We have an entire list of them. They’re scary. Watching Chris Hemsworth bite Anna Hutchinson’s panties might put the lady in the mood and turn this movie session into something more than a night of cuddling. And finally, just being there, assuring her that she has nothing to be scared of, might just lead to a really hot “thank-God-we’re-alive” sex.

Just a word of caution, bro: screaming like a girl WILL ruin your chances to anything. EVER.