14 Jun 2010

No more Vuvuzelas please!



I absolutely HATE the new World Cup and it’s not because the first games were pretty boring, its because we’re forced to listen to a non stop, unvarying, annoying bee sound, played for over one and a half hours at every single match! Sounds familiar? Some people call that torture.  How could that noise of a million bees ever sound pleasantly in any living room on this planet?

This freakin’ sound comes from an instrument called Vuvuzela which is an annoying plastic trumpet used as a stadium horn that is constantly blown at all sport events from South Africa. Apparently it should sound like a mix of angry elephants trumpeting, a fog horn and a swarm of buzzing bees but hearing that for 90 minutes its a pain in the ARSE!

They measured the sound level of these stupid instruments and it measured 127dB. According to ear specialists, humans are able to withstand that kind of monoton high level sound for 15 minutes before your ears get damaged. I feel sorry for the poor long traveling fans who have to stand out with this shit for 90 plus minutes, not to mention us behind the TV who probably used the mute option for the first time in their lives.

I really don’t want to tell anyone how to support their team, especially not if they have a different cultural background. But this is not about home team support since it doesn’t even seem to matter who’s playing at all. These stupid instruments are going to ruin every match and already took away a lot of that great atmosphere with crowds cheering and singing for their favorites.

There’s even a facebook group called “FIFA – BAN THE ANNOYING VUVUZELA (HORN) FROM THE SOUTH AFRICA WORLD CUP !” that has almost 100k fans in just three or four days.

I’ve seen that FIFA won’t ban them because they say it adds a local flavour to the games but for those who think these instruments are great I’d suggest they’d stuck their heads in a bee hive.