29 Oct 2010

Ninel Conde’s body looks freaking tight for Hombre

Ninel Conde Hombre 1

It’s been a while since we’ve last had the pleasure of gawking at a super hot Mexican hottie and I’m happy to say that we’ve got a special treat for you guys today. The Mexican mens magazine Hombre just featured a drop dead gorgeous pictorial with Ninel Conde bringing her usual dose of uber hotness.

Now I’m pretty sure most of you guys never heard of Ninel yet and all I can say about her is that… she’s a pretty well known Mexican actress and also a singer. I don’t care what shows she’s been on, I only care about her looks. Yeah, I know… girls keep telling me I’m superficial.

Anyway, the interesting part about Ninel Conde is actually her age. Yes, her age. I just can’t believe this peach is 40 now and she’s hotter than most 20 year olds out there. The word MILF also comes to my mind and I’m sure you guys will think alike. She’s got to be one of the sexiest 40-year-olds on the planet at the moment.